Workshop Radical Rest

“The brain operates optimally when it toggles between focus and unfocus, allowing us to develop resilience, enhance creativity, and make better decisions.” – Srini Pillay, neuro-psychiater en onderzoeker.

Our working life consists of full agendas, deadlines, targets and new points on the horizon aimed at improvement and growth. It’s all about how we can be even more productive. But the rising figures of absenteeism and burn-outs show that the balance between rest and productivity is still a long way off.

What if the power of radical rest is just as effective as the power of action and effort? How do you apply that in a society where rest is only linked to vacation and not work? What if there was a smarter way to use rest in your daily life to be more effective and achieve more lasting results?

This workshop is an experience in which Jurko uniquely combines an informative TED talk, a concert, a nap and a relaxing yoga class.

You’ll experience for yourself what it means when you make the switch from the overactive fight-or-flight system to the often under-used rest mode. From there, you’ll learn to strengthen your creativity and your ability to solve problems. All this in a workshop in which you are resting 75% of the time.

Reduce stress and increase your energy

Stress always seems to require more and more effort. Here you’ll learn and experience that the opposite is true and that doing less can sometimes be more rewarding and effective.

Experience a profound form of team building

You’re used to working hard as a team, but when was the last time you all rested deeply? In the practice of doing nothing, there is a hidden layer of experience and results that you cannot quite describe, but every professional should’ve tried at least once.


Learn how unfocussing can help you solve problems

We rarely solve a problem if we are fixated on it. Most of the time, our most significant “aha” moments happen when we’re in the shower or in the car. Discover the power of unfocusing. Learn to make room for more “aha” moments.