Training for teams

Workshop Inspirational Speaking

After this workshop, your presentations, client conversations and sales pitches won’t ever be the same again. Discover in a playful, theatrical way how you can always communicate with more colour, focus and presence. Experience a shift in how you communicate as an individual as well as in a team.

Workshop Radical Rest

This workshop is an unique experience in which Jurko combines an informative TED-speech with a concert, a nap and a relaxing yoga lesson in a completely unique way. What would happen if you could find a smarter way to use rest in your daily life, to increase your productivity and reach your goals more sustainably?

D&I Keynote & Workshop

Give your team or organisation a chance to go on this journey with Jurko, listening to his energitic, entertaining and personal talk about the universal power of coming out, connection and the power of listening. A coming out can mean many different things to different people. This keynote can also be combined with a bespoke D&I workshop.