‘Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.’
– Albert Einstein

“How do I craft a good story?”
“How do I stay relaxed in front of an audience?”
“How do I tap into my talents and creativity?”

 These are just a few of the questions that will be answered. Telling a powerful story is inextricably linked to personal development. The sessions I give are about recognising and applying your personal strengths and qualities to your communication.

My training approach bridges the gap between Western insights in communication, theater and storytelling on the one hand, and on the other, Eastern practices aimed to increase inner peace, focus and flow. I work in the moment with the unique qualities of the person standing in front of me and on anything that prevents those qualities from blooming. In my coaching, learning is equivalent to experiencing a lot yourself. One learns by doing, playfully and with a theatrical edge. This is how we build your self-confidence and your story.

What's in it for you?

More practical tools.

In the sessions, you drastically increase your toolbox in the field of good storytelling. You’ll learn how to build a story that makes sense, increases connection with your audience, and feel comfortable on stage in front of audience.

Personal growth.

Here you’ll open the door to your pure potential. You say goodbye to limiting beliefs and step into your power. You’ll learn to make and maintain connection with your core values so that, from there, you can go out into the world from a place of self-confidence and wisdom.

Focus and rest.

Discover what the power of  Radical Rest can mean for you in daily life. You’ll learn how to bridge the gap between your subconscious and your consciousness so that you can approach challenges in the workplace with deeper insight and clear focus.