Build your story
short coaching arc

“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send, but by what the listener receives.” – Lily Walters.

It’s time.

You’re about to take the stage to present your idea, keynote or pitch. You want to reach your customers, convey your vision, or enthuse your employees – Whatever your stage and whatever your goal: you want to be fully present in the moment with a powerful, authentic story.

In this coaching experience, we go all in together. You’ll take your story to the next level so that it makes the impact you want. We’ll work towards the best version of your presentation, one that touches your audience and encourages change. As you practice on stage, you learn to tap into your unique qualities and feel confident to take the spotlight.


Learn to build a story that moves people.

A powerful story is not just a lucky shot. Get to know the tools behind capturing your audience. Learn how to apply those tools. Reach your audience with not just any story but with your story.

Learn to focus.

Discover quickly which words contribute to your message and which do not. The words you don’t speak are more important than those you speak. Are you able to really get the core of your message across?

Discover the power of rest and presence.

Discover what the power of rest can do for you and your story. Learn to be truly present and share your personal energy with your audience in the moment.