Marita Bruning - D&I Consultant NS

“Jurko gave an incredibly beautiful talk for the Dutch Railroads. The Power of Coming Out is – also in Jurko’s personal story – about the question for us all to think about: what are you not showing of yourself? And what would happen if you did? Questions that link directly to the joy and struggle of being yourself, out loud. Food for Thought!”

Richelle Schreurs - Marketeer

“You showed me through relatively simple exercises how I can find more peace for myself in the midst of leading a busy life. The Radical Rest training is a highly recommended!”

Maike Steen - Teacher Criminal Law en Diversity officer, UvA

Amazing to see how quickly you succeed every time in getting to the core of someone’s qualities as a person, and letting them experience what it’s like to really speak from that inner source. It’s great to witness that process.”

Bart van den Heuvel - Lead Cloud/DevOps Recruitment - Team Rockstars IT

You’ve shown me that people who dare to express themselves a 100% authentically, are the most beautiful.” 

Perdasille Carlos - Mesina CFO & Dept. Country Head at ING Business Shared Services - Phillippines

Really valuable and insightful session. One of my favourite parts of COOBLA was this session. Jurko was indeed a very effective trainer. He imparted important learning that I and my cohorts immediately applied, therefor we presented the winning pitch..”

Karol Wojtczak -
Tribe Lead ING Hubs Poland.

”Excellent experience, great takeaways and practical tips to help us deal with all the issues we face!”

Elze Verbeek - Marketing strategist & projectmanager

”What an innovative and clarifying training day we had. It’s great how Jurko gives everyone the space to learn and try new things, so that everyone goes home with so many new insights and tools.”

Simone van Erp - Co-Owner at Team Rockstars IT

“So great Jurko, that you were able to join us in Paris! With your humor and positivity you’ve created a fantastic workshop experience!”

Marijke Vreugdenhil - B2B Marketer, Content Strategist

In a pleasant and professional manner, Jurko helps you to stand in your power and also be completely at ease in that.”

Patricia Beks - Managing Director, Tech-to-Market

One day of training, but impact to last a lifetime. Not just a day of learning more ‘tips and tricks’, but a journey back to the foundations of connection. I learned so much from Jurko myself, that I wanted my team to have the same experience. During this group training, in a beautiful location in Italy, Jurko was able to create a dynamic in which everyone learned so much from each other. Incredibly valuable, so grateful!”

Sissy Sonnleitner - HR Director Wienerberger & Pipelife, Austria.

Working with Jurko has proven to be my biggest life-changing experience. Throughout our sessions, which have been emotional and self-reflective, Jurko gave me strength and stability. I felt very safe and could work on my personal development very honestly and with focus. His welcoming, warm and values-lead character is outstanding. I became a better and stronger version of myself, and I will always be grateful for that.” 

Anne van Doormalen - Team Rockstars IT

” From the moment ‘go’, Jurko, armed with a sense of humor, razorsharp observations and really cool exercises, makes sure you learn so much about yourself and the way you present yourself. What he taught us is still with me every day and I actually put it to use. It wasn’t just a very useful session, but it still puts a smile on my face as I think back on it. Jurko sings, observes and gives you exactly what you need to be yourself in front of an audience. Thank you for this amazing experience.”

Jurko really looks for the person behind the ‘speaker’. His starting point is always your unique authentic self. He knows how to unleash that self, leading to a deeper chemistry with your audience, and a stronger sense of confidence in yourself as a speaker (and as person). His way of working is very pleasant, energetic and encouraging. He senses with precision where there’s tension and thus where there’s room for improvement. The tools you walk away with are very useful and immediately applicable to real-life situations. He’s a connector, and he’s to the point – he tells it like it is, hold up a mirror for you so that you can become more aware of your power, and your pitfalls, as a communicator. His sessions have been very useful for me and have helped me lift my presentation to a higher level. Something I couldn’t have done without his support. Thank you Jurko!”