Workshop Inspirational Speaking

‘If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.’ – Maya Angelou

It’s funny how in the workplace most people only tend to use a small portion of the vast “expression palette” that they have at their disposal. The context of work can make us less expressive than we really are as we adjust ourselves to expectations and unwritten ‘rules’. But the impact we want often lies in breaking them.

It’s time for you to take to the stage and play with stories. It’s time for you to discover how creating impact works for you.

After this training, your presentations, customer conversations, and sales pitches will never be the same again. Within the group, you’ll discover in a theatrical, playful way how you can communicate with more colour, presence and impact. You’ll feel a shift in how you as an individual connect with others and how you work together as a team. 


Discover the power of storytelling

Storytelling goes beyond just finding a nice format for your message. Storytelling can ensure that your story is understood and that it inspires and encourages change. Here you’ll experience how you can use different storytelling techniques in your own unique way.

Experience a profound way of team building

Sharing your story and experimenting on stage with your personal impact is an act of brave vulnerability. Taking on that challenge together, really daring to share and see each other’s qualities, ensures that you get to know each other in a new way. You grow as a team.

Boost your creativity and captivate your audience

You don’t have to possess the creative powers of geniuses like Picasso or Mozart to experience that you, too, can use your creative talent to feel more at home on the (online) stage. You’ll learn to surprise and captivate people by simply being yourself.