Know yourself, and from that place, speak.


Jurko works with leaders, entrepreneurs and teams who want to learn how to craft and convey a powerful story that’s rooted in a strong sense of identity. His unique training approach bridges the gap between Western insights in communication, theater and storytelling on the one hand, and on the other, Eastern practices aimed to increase inner peace, focus and flow.

In addition, Jurko’s D&I keynote and workshops focus on how communication within organizations can truly bring to life the concepts of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. 


Oscar about his 1-op-1 sessions

“Jurko’s sessions have helped me feel comfortable in my own skin again and lead my company forward instead of just maintaining the status quo..” 

Onno about the storytelling workshop

A very valuable experience, that not only helped us improve our individual and collective communication skills, but has also brought us closer as a team.”

Sander about the Radical Rest workshop

In one word: wonderful! I’d really recommend this experience and already look forward to my next one!”


Radical Rest

Are you ready for a little experiment? Click and download your moment of relaxation and inspiration, narrated by Jurko.


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Podcast - *Coming Soon!*

In this podcast Jurko speaks to people who have impacted the world bu sharing their own stories that challenges taboos.