Find your voice -
deep dive coaching arc

“Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” – Steve Jobs

Speaking your truth and sharing your vision is inextricably linked to your personal development. Your words gain power when you speak from your power. Your passion comes across when you know what drives you, and your story gets focus when you dare to choose a direction. This coaching experience is transformative for you as a communicator and leader.

You will learn how inspirational speaking works for you. The work we do in our sessions goes beyond just working on speeches; it provides you with tools for every communication moment. Your personal learning goals will be discussed in detail during your intake and will be central to the bespoke training program that is created for you per session. 

Explore your core qualities and learn how to use them.

Discover your unique qualities as a storyteller and leader. You’ll not only learn how to recognise these qualities, but to embody them and implement them in your daily communication.

Learn to break down inner blockages.

Limiting thoughts and fears keep you from reaching your full potential. The more you can honestly reflect on and confront these obstacles, the better you can work with them. Discover the power of radical rest and self-awareness. 

Learn to build a powerful story for every moment.

Powerful communication is anything but a moment of ‘coincidence’ or ‘hoping it will work out’. Here you’ll learn essential tools that ensure you step into your speaking moments with confidence and solid preparation.